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Phone Cases

Your phone is an incredible device. Here at I-Case we want your phone to last as long as you do! With the natural wear and tear that comes from using your phone often throughout the day, an iPhone case is a great investment.

We offer many different styles and designs for your phone. Our cases come in all different colours, including black, white and clear cases that keep it simple.

If you suffer from frequent cases of butterfingers, a silicone iPhone case would be the choice for you! Featuring a no-slip grip, silicone cases are also tear-resistant, dust-resistant, washable and one of the cheaper iPhone cases you can buy.

For customers who are looking for a lighter form of protection, skin cases keep the iPhone sleek and compact, while adding an exciting look. The best iPhone cases, aesthetically, are the skins. Most skins feature exclusive artwork by talented designers, so for the customer who wants to stand out in the crowd, designer iPhone skin cases are the way to go.

For the more practical user, we also offer hard back aluminium iPhone cases, as well as protective leather flip cases. Whatever model of iPhone you have, I-Case offers endless colours, designs, materials and features to provide your iPhone with optimum comfort, style and protection. Combining style and practicality, we offer some of the best iPhone cases at incredible prices.