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iPhone 5 skin - Naruto Zaku

iPhone 5 skin - Naruto Zaku

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Zaku was not a character that lasted long in the series but he was shown a little more than some of the others in his team. The team from the hidden sound village appeared briefly around the time of the Chunin exams, with Orichimaru as their leader with intentions to capture Sasuke Uchiha. Zaku is the only one of this group whose background was explained, with it being revealed that he was an orphan relying on theft to survive and receiving frequent abuse from those who caught him, until Orochimaru showed up and offered to help him become a powerful ninja. Like the others from the team Zaku is overconfident in his abilities and fiercely loyal to Orochimaru, despite only existing as a pawn for his master to use.

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