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iPhone 3G/3GS

The iPhone 3G is one of the highest selling phones of all time and has a large variety of mobile phone accessories available. iPhone 3G cases are one of the most popular items and you can find them in any style you want at i-Case.
Choosing iPhone 3G Cases for Your Mobile Phone
Silicone and rubber iPhone 3G cases offer the biggest variety in colour and flexibility. They’re inexpensive, durable, and widely used. Two cool silicone style iPhone 3G cases are the iPhone 3G Pink case and the Grey iPhone 3G case.
Another popular option in iPhone 3G cases is the hard cover. Hard cases are sturdy and available in solid colours, patterns, or designs. Dual hard cases like the Black and White iPhone 3G case are also a good choice for iPhone 3G hard cases.
If you’re looking for ultra-protection for your screen, flip-style iPhone 3G cases offer you protection from the superficial damage that your warranty won’t cover. Flip cases like the Black Protective Leather Flip Case look sleek and classic making them appealing for a wide range of iPhone 3G owners.
A phone pouch is also a great type of iPhone 3G case because it completely shields your phone acting like a phone sock. Another great way to increase the longevity of your phone, a phone pouch like the Small White Pull Tab Leather Pouch is a sure-fire way to keep your phone intact in addition to using a screen protector.
To find your perfect case for your iPhone 3G, start browsing our iPhone 3G cases below: