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Nokia Asha 503

Low budget phones are perfect for those who only want to use them to make calls or send texts. They are the most basic devices available, usually with a bland and boring design, sometimes still in black and white, a never ending battery life and big chunky buttons.

Nokia are one of the biggest mobile phone distributors and cater to everyone’s needs, including those looking for the most basic phone. They have however brought a very new and unique look to the plain and simple phone. There most recent release is the Nokia Asha 503. Currently it is targeted towards those in India and South America but it will soon be appearing on the shop shelves in Britain.

The Asha is dirt cheap and features a loud and colourful shell, something we are not used to seeing in basic phones. It is a clear Perspex back that gives the illusion of ice whilst providing a sturdy and manageable phone with little flex.  Like all low budget phones it is able to withstand an element of wear and tear, more so than the latest smart phones on the market. For those who worry though there are phone cases available to further protect it from damage. They may not be as jazzy as the iPhone 5 skins and cases but they do the job just fine.

It also features a 3G radio rather than the bog standard 2G radio. Although it’s not as fast as the latest 4G radios users will still be able to use the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. Surprisingly there is an SD card slot located below the back cover. This provides an opportunity for you to expand on the amount of storage the phone has, a rare find on such a phone.

The handset also features a 3 inch display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. This is extremely low, lower than some of the low budget phones already on the market.  As a result the phones text does appear fuzzy and icons are not very defined. The 5 megapixel camera has an LED flash and produces some acceptable and viewable pictures. The only downside really is that the colours may not be as vibrant as you might like them to be.

The usual windows software is not used on the Asha as it has its very own knows as Asha OS. It is similar to the Nokias old Meego software and is easy enough to use.  Simple swiping motions are used to control the phone similar to most smart phones. All of this for only £11 per month, a pretty good deal if I might say so myself.

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