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Yellow Jacket iPhone Case

If you’re a fan of iPhone 5 skins and cases this one is sure to impress. Yellow Jacket have designed a phone case a little out of this world to be compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S. The case has 3 components involved, two of which are very unusual indeed.

The first component associated with the phone is the most obvious one, being that it protects your phone from potential damages. The case sits snug around the phone providing a durable barrier against falls and scratches. Of course this is something we want and expect from a phone case, particularly when it comes to the fragile and expensive iPhones.

Also featured on the phone is an external battery that is able to charge your device when running low on battery life. A simple flick of a switch on the bottom of the case will have your phone full of life in no time at all. Currently the case is for the iPhone 4 and 4S, the first model is rather chunky however the new design for the 5 and 5S is much slimmer and lighter.

The most unusual component to feature on the phone is the one that protects you yourself from harm. A built in stun gun can be located at the top of the case triggered by a switch at the side. When activated the case will chuck out a whopping 650,000 vaults, not as much as a Taser but enough to cause a person some harm. The stun gun will not kill a person however it will provide you with enough time to flee any dangerous situation you find yourself in. The devices stun gun is also very loud so may even work as a deterrent to scare away potential threats.

There have been concerns over how safe the device is, particularly in the hands of jokers. To be able to buy the device you must be 18 years or above due to its weapon qualities. The company have stressed that the stun gun component is strictly for use when concerned for your personal safety. They do not promote it to be used for fun or in pranks as it is a weapon that can cause an element of harm to a person.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case is certainly a controversial piece of kit that may not sit well with some.

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