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Smartphones Outsell the Latest Basic Mobile Handsets

For the first time in history smartphones have outsold the standard models of phones. Of course Samsung continue to lead the way with having sold 71m internet-enabled handsets which produced for them a 32% share in the second quarter of 2013.

The various handset makers have sold a staggering 435m mobile phones in the second quarter of the year, according to an article published by Gartner on Wednesday. With the smart kind of phones making up for 225m of those purchased.

Nowadays the mobile phone, especially smartphones, replace the need for laptop and desktop computers as the number one access to the internet. Come to think of it why wouldn’t they because they offer a lot more portability and you can do everything and more now with the high increasing of the technology that is around.

Now for some figures, the sales to end users of smartphones have increased 74% compared with the same time last year in the Asia-Pacific, and 56% in Latin America. Plus in Eastern Europe 32% more of the devices were sold than normal.

As I mentioned before Samsung have made their lead certain in selling over 71million smartphones in the short three months to 30 June this year, compared to nearly 56m in the same time frame last year so you can see that this is a great improvement. Which means an improvement on unit sold grew from 30% to 32% whereas apple increased their sales from 29million to 32million but its market share fell by 5%.

The Chinese company Lenovo who is well known for making personal computers blew up their expectations by nearly doubling their unit sales from 4m to 11m. This then meant that they took 4th spot. After rival LG electronics in the global smartphone rankings.

Sony’s new Xperia range has helped them sell over 2m handsets both smartphones and basic feature products included than last year putting up the mobile market up to 2.2%  from 1.7%. But it’s all mobile market still remained at 2.6%.

Nokia retained the position behind Samsung as the second largest manufacturer globally but its share is now 14% behind that of Samsung’s nearly 25%.

In the popular smartphones for the first time Microsoft has overtaken Blackberry which is greatly due to the sale of the Nokia Lumia range because it uses the Microsoft Windows phone software.

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 by admin General

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