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GTA 5: the First Five Places to Visit

The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out soon on the 17th of September but you may be wondering what the best 5 places to visit first are? Well this article is going to tell you.

Big name games brand Rockstar Games has released the travelogue for the new GTA 5 however don’t be thrown off the track by the cover of the characters because in Grand Theft Auto the city is always the main character.

In this instalment of the new game there will be bigger and better things to explore a map three times the size of previous one plus the developers have also combined the recent maps from San Andreas and other GTA titles to make this the best one yet!

This time LA and Southern California are seen to be a whole world of failed dreams mixed with politics and criminal enterprises so why wait let’s take a look at what to tear up first.

GTA 5 has now followed in the footsteps of San Andreas because instead of just being able to spray cars and vehicles you can now go back to how it was and customise them as to how you want them to be new wheels, body kit, paint jobs you name it you can do it.

So that was the first place to visit straight away how about the second, it is the hair and beauty salon, there’s nothing like a new haircut so step into the salon on GTA and get a haircut from the stylist to the stars Bob Mulet who will charge you a handful of cash for a few snips of his scissors all in the name of business.

Then there is the Los Santos Learning Centre. This is where you can take your character and learn new languages, not to mention new ways of life. The Los Santos centre is promoting the Epsilom program which is a life altering religious experience where you can take you character and enjoy the experience.

Second to last we have the brand new diving experience. The GTA Scuba Diving is definitely something to try out, with all kinds of wild things to see underwater go where you have never been before not to mention now with new submersible equipment.

Finally we have come to the fifth option the great outdoors. Of course there are many more things to do in the new GTA 5 but that would be spoiling so this is the final thing for now, where in san Andreas you could get in a car and drive the roads for miles the Rockstar north hasn’t really brought that back…until now with a map bigger than San Andreas, GTA 4’s liberty city and Red Dead Redemption combined it is a guarantee that the first thing you will do is get in a car and drive for miles.

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