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Low budget phones are perfect for those who only want to use them to make calls or send texts. They are the most basic devices available, usually with a bland and boring design, sometimes still in black and white, a never ending battery life and big chunky buttons. Nokia are one of the biggest mobile Read More…

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0800, the number that is free for callers to use, from a landline that is.

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If you’re a fan of iPhone 5 skins and cases this one is sure to impress.

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Our mobile phones it seems are extremely precious to us. We can’t go anywhere without them and they almost always need some form of protection, such as iPhone 3gs cases and skins. It seems we are even unable to handle getting on an aeroplane without having our mobile phones at hand. With that in mind Read More…

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With all the new additions to the Apple iPhone family and new cases there still hasn’t been a breakthrough in the way that you charge your phone, until now it would seem. There is a case that fits around your phone with two functions it acts as a protective shield and also a charger for Read More…

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Samsung’s new smart watch the Galaxy Gear smartwatch was released earlier this month on the 4th on September much to everyone’s surprise because there wasn’t really any leaks about any news or speculation that Samsung wear going to release this. However there was plenty of rumours about apple releasing a smartwatch but that hasn’t happened.

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Many casual gamers are thought to be men or teenage boys but in actual fact it is more likely to be more popular amongst women with on the go gaming on their tablet or phone. If you look around on the train or bus you will see many people standing or sitting around mesmerised by Read More…

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Microsoft have made quite a big swerve in its decision to put sharing restrictions on games so that they can only be played only on one console and not swapped between other consoles. One of the main reasons that can be identified for this is the fact that the sheer amount of angry customers they Read More…

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News today has brought horror on many that have pre-ordered the Xbox one in foreign countries. This is because yet again Microsoft have come out with a major blooper that has said that the console will not be available in a number of countries until 2014, this is not acceptable as some people have said Read More…

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For the first time in history smartphones have outsold the standard models of phones. Of course Samsung continue to lead the way with having sold 71m internet-enabled handsets which produced for them a 32% share in the second quarter of 2013. The various handset makers have sold a staggering 435m mobile phones in the second Read More…

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The much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out soon on the 17th of September but you may be wondering what the best 5 places to visit first are? Well this article is going to tell you. Big name games brand Rockstar Games has released the travelogue for the new GTA 5 however don’t Read More…

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One of the biggest technology companies in the world has just celebrated its 5th birthday so here is what has happened since then… In 2008 the App Store went fully live to the public on July the tenth with around 500 apps ready to download. It took an incredibly short time of two months for Read More…

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Is this the feeble attempt to take on the smartphone giants Apple and Samsung? Although as it stands not all that feeble at all with a 41 megapixel camera which tops all the phones out there on the market at the minute.<!–more–> The smartphone company Nokia has brought out their latest bid in order to Read More…

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Nokia has unveiled new software in their bid to revive cheaper mobile phones in growth markets such as India. The new software is to run on the Asha devices and a pact that lets customers use Facebook for free on their handsets. The software, called the Asha platform is a revamp of the older S40 program that Read More…

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